About me

Hi guys! My name is David Heath. I was born in 1984. I have had my own computer repair business since 2005. As long as I can remember I have been interested in computers. I attended Hayle Community School till 2001. While there I was the only one who knew about Acorn Computers. I was frequently called out of lessons to help a teacher on his Acorn Computer. After Hayle School I attended Helston School 6th Form where, because I like acting and playing the fool, I studied drama and also Computer studies. I then attended Camborne College as a stop gap so I could at the age of 21 start my own computer repair business.


I consider myself to be a really friendly guy to all people. My main interests seem to be around tech stuff and am always eager to learn more so when socialising I find myself exchanging info with people around me. This has led me to be able to give advice and repair all sorts of tech equipment including Sky tv.


As my main work is concerning modern PC equipment, in my spare time I like to be around the old Microsoft operating systems. This includes DOS and operating systems from Windows 3.1 upwards. I also like to be around Acorn Computer equipment. This has lead me to attend the S.W. Risc OS show for the last two years where I have met the Managing Director of Risc OS Paul Middleton and people that are still involved with the platform. This year (05 march 2011) the guest speaker was Sophie Wilson who I found really interesting as she filled me in about the background of Acorn.


I still continue to run my computer repair business with regular customers in the Hayle, St Ives, Camborne and Redruth areas