Have you a problem but don't know what do? Please don't hesitate to phone me even if you think it is silly and wasting my time. It isn't!! I give free friendly advice over the phone. 


The following is an example of the cost of re-installing Windows:

If you have a virus, I backup your data, format your computer (delete everything off your computer), and then re-install windows and your programs. Then put your data back. This costs £40. This can take a few hours depending on how much data you have to be backed up and restored. Due to business regulations I can only re-install Windows and software that you legally have the licence for. If you are not sure what a licence is, or what it looks like, it will be something like this: or

This price of £40 also applies if you need windows re-installing for any other reason.


 As there are many problems with computers and the price of stock changes, I cannot list all all my prices. Please feel free to phone and get an up-to-date price. Do not quickly assume your computer is to old just because it is running slow. Help is at hand!!